Better Together: LA Team Mentoring

How LA Team Mentoring is transforming the lives of young people by bringing teamwork off the field

“You’re really leveraging a small pool of volunteers, but yet maximizing your reach with youth.”

“The group mentoring concept was something I was starting to introduce at my old agency, but there wasn’t a lot of information out there,” Figueroa says. He says that he learned more about it through his connection to Los Angeles’ coalition of mentoring programs—the more he learned, the more it resonated with him.

“The teachers who sign up are really teachers who want to extend themselves. That in itself speaks volumes.”

Having worked for both traditional and team mentoring programs, the choice is clear for Figueroa. “For all those reasons, I’ve found that this model is really the most enriching model that a kid, an at-risk kid, can get.”

“When they find that there’s a caring adult, who’s there and who wants to listen to them and spend time with them, and who isn’t being paid to be there, they start to love the program.”

From the day-to-day perspective, meetings always start with the group sitting in a circle, and a check-in with each of the students. There’s a question of the day, and usually that question relates to the main objective of the afternoon’s activity.

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Athlete, artist, writer. Content Marketing Manager at @cerego. Twitter: @bryankitch

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Bryan Kitch

Athlete, artist, writer. Content Marketing Manager at @cerego. Twitter: @bryankitch